How to Fix System Thread Exception Not Handled Error in Windows 10

You always want your PC to get started immediately after you start it. All you want to view is your desktop so that you can start working instantly. Sometimes this doesn’t happen and instead of loading the desktop screen you get to see a blue screen displaying the error – System Thread Exception Not Handled. Looking at this message you get worried isn’t? This article will help you try out the effective methods that can help you fix the problem.

Update the problematic driver

Sometimes faulty drivers lead to such errors, mostly problematic graphics card drivers. You may see the error – System Thread Exception Not Handled along with igdkm64.sys. In case the driver is having issues or it conflicts with other programs/drivers then you won’t be able to reboot the computer. The worst thing you face is blue screen with a series of errors.

Fix System Thread Exception Not Handled Error in Windows 10

Here is how you can figure out the faulty driver

Press- Windows logo + R key together from your keyboard and start the run command.

Type – cmd and then hit – enter

Type – eventvwr and hit- enter

Expand – Windows Logs and click – System

Click the tab – Source. Here you will be able to view the driver that is leading to the error – System Thread Exception Not Handled.

Once you get to know the exact driver, update it.

Check the hardware compatibility

Sometimes incompatible drivers also result in an error. Sometimes the blue screen error occurs immediately after you upgrade to Windows 10. Make sure you check if any hardware that is incompatible is installed.

Check BIOS update

The reasons for the error can be as because of

Incompatible BIOS

IRQ conflict

Memory conflict

If you know how to update BIOS then you can go ahead and do it else seek someone else’s help to do it.

Hardware Acceleration – Try to disable it

Ideally, this method is not something that should be tried until and unless the other methods do not work for you. You can try this method only if other methods fail to fix the error. What you need to do is

Open- Google Chrome and head to – Settings

Click- Show Advanced Settings and then go down to the section- System

Now uncheck – Use hardware acceleration when available and then restart Chrome

Make sure you follow the instructions given for each method carefully.

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