When you are using a tablet, smartphone or a PC, you can face a lot of problems, but the most annoying one can be when you can’t browse the internet. In case you are using Google Chrome web browser, you may have faced errors like DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET


If you get this error it is nothing to worry about as you can fix the error easily. Here is how you can do it.


Change your DNS Address

This works almost a number of times. You can change the automatically received address of DNS server to open DNS.

Clear browser Cache and Reinstall the browser

You can clear the browser cache that is Google Chrome browser. Simply click the button – Customize & Control located at the corner on the top right and then click- Settings. Click – Show Advanced Settings. You will find the option – clear browsing data under the privacy section.

You will see a separate window where you will find a box Cookies and Other sites, Plug Data, Cached Images & files. You need to check all these boxes and hit clear browsing data.

In order to clear the browser’ cache, you need to click from the menu – History and then clear the recent history. Next, you need to click – details. Look for Cookies and Cache and click- Clear now.

Check Internet Security & Firewall Security settings

In some cases, even the internet /firewall security settings can block specific websites for some security purpose and thus produce the error. You should check the internet /firewall security settings and check if they are responsible for the error.

Uninstall website filtering software

In case you have website filtering software installed on your system, then try uninstalling it or disabling it. Now check if you can browse the websites that generated the error earlier.

Command Prompt can resolve the issue

The simple that you can adopt is using the command prompt to eliminate the error. In search box type cmd to open the command prompt and then press enter. In command prompt type the following command  netsh winsock reset and press enter. Now restart your PC. This will certainly resolve the issue.

Apart from the other methods shown above, you can also try rebooting the router via router settings. You can try the simple methods mentioned above and it will help you fix the issue. In case you are not tech savvy you can get help from others who are technically sound.

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