ctfmon.exe- What is it? Is it Safe? How to remove ctfmon.exe error?

Ctfmon.exe is a .exe file and executable files in many cases are harmful to your computer. Ctfmon.exe is a file that comes from Microsoft itself and is plays a crucial role when it comes to Windows, but it can lead to problems too.

Is it Safe?

There many confusions and misconceptions associated with Ctfmon.exe as whether it is safe? Is it a virus? Of course, Ctfmon.exe file is not a virus. The real Ctfmon.exe is completely safe and secure process run by Microsoft Windows knew as CTF Loader. Well, the worst thing is that many people who are engaged in scripting malware programs, worms, viruses purposely use the same file name to avoid getting caught.

ctfmon.exe- What is it? Is it Safe? How to remove ctfmon.exe error?

How to remove ctfmon.exe error?

Can you easily remove ctfmon.exe error? Here is a step by step guideline to help you accomplish the task

Step – 1

Repair the Registry entries related to MSDN Disc 2085

Often ctfmon.exe error occurs due to issues that exist in Windows registry. In such cases you can follow the simple steps to fix the issue.

Click- Start button

In search box type- command and don’t press enter

Now hold CTRL-Shift from your keyboard and now press- Enter

You will get a dialog box seeking your permission

Click- yes

You will see a black box having a cursor that blinks

Type- regedit and then press- enter

In Registry Editor, select- ctfmon.exe key like MSDN Disc 2085 that you wish to back up

From the menu- File select- Export

In the list- Save In choose the folder where you wish to save the backup key – MSDN Disc 2085.

In the box– File name enter a name for the backup file like MSDN Disc 2085 backup

In the box- Export Range make sure the option – Selected branch is already selected

Click- Save

Step- 2

Carry out a complete Malware scan of your computer

Step- 3

Clean the System Junk using Disk Cleanup to remove all folders and Temporary files

Step 4

Update the Computer’s Device Drivers

Step 5

Use – Windows System Restore to reverse the recent changes in system

Step 6

Uninstall & and Reinstall MSDN Disc 2085 Program related to Ctfmon.exe

Step- 7

Run – Windows System File Checker

Step – 8

Install the Windows Updates available (all of them)

Step -9

Carry out a Windows clean installation

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