How to Fix 403 Forbidden Error

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The 403 Forbidden error is basically a  HYPERLINK “” HTTP response status code that implies that a person is not having the authorization to access the content.

Fix 403 Forbidden Error

It can be quite a challenging job to fix this error, but this article will help you learn how to fix the error on your own.

Fix 403 Forbidden Error

Check the URL

It is a common error that may occur because of entering the incorrect URL. So, make sure you are entering a correct file name with a correct extension. You can also check the URL one more time to check if it is the exact link you are requesting for.

Clear Cookies

HTTP cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on your device that are used by websites and applications to recollect the information about a specific device or browser. When you get an error – 403 Forbidden it directly means that you are not allowed to carry out a specific request. It can be because of corrupted or invalid cookies. Clear the cookies from the browser you are using.

Clearing Cache

The browser’s cache also stores the copies of resources and web content and at times the application’s live version may clash with the cached version that is present on your device already and it can also lead to a 403 Forbidden error. Try to clear the browser’s cache to check if it resolves the problem.

Disable Word press plugins

Sometimes the 403 Forbidden error also occurs due to problematic plugins. You can try and disable the plugins and check if it works for you. After you disable the WordPress plugins try accessing the site again.

Log out & Log in again

In case you are using a particular application that needs some type of user authentication then tries logging out and logging in again. If you have cleared the browser cookies recently, then you will be automatically logged out and when you try accessing the page again, try logging in again.

Uninstall new modules, plugins, and extensions

You can try to uninstall the new extensions, modules, and plugins that may be added recently.

Check Server connectivity

It may sound bit ordinary, but if the server is down or unreachable then you may get 403 Forbidden error. In case there is a server maintenance going on you can still encounter this error. So, check the server connectivity.

The above-mentioned checks and fixes can help you get rid of 403 Forbidden error.

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