How to Fix Error Code 0x80070643 in Windows 10

There were problems installing some updates, but we will try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help:

  • Definition update for windows defender- KB2267602- Error 0x80070643.

Fix Error Code 0x80070643 in Windows 10

Generally, the error code comes up with the above statement while doing a windows update, as per our developer’s team there is no specific solution for this error code 0x80070643. Though we have been sharing the multiple fixes for this error code 0x80070643, as it can be caused by any of the reason:

  • Corrupted system files.
  • Windows feature requires authentication for an update.
  • Virus infection.
  • Installed antivirus.

It can be any of the cause from which you are being affected and doesn’t let you access your windows update because of this error code 0x80070643. Though there is the solution to this code 0x80070643, you need to try all for a solution as its cause is not specific yet.


Repair corrupted system files

  1. Open command prompt.
  2. Enter sfc /scannow in the prompt window.

The system will automatically initiate a scan process where all the system files will be checked and found out the corrupted one if there is any corrupted file then it will be displayed and get repaired on its own by replacing the specific file by another using cache memory. The system needs a restart to make the changes takes place and after that, this error code 0x80070643 should be fixed, if not jump to another solution.

Solution: Authentication

You need to check your connected user accounts, “authentication requires” is the kind of message that pop-up over the account if you see anything relevant to this in the windows accounts than enter the required credentials to unblock the process. This will help you to unblock the process and access the update feature by fixing the error code 0x80070643.

Repair virus infection

All the installed applications and programs need a scan, installed antivirus in your system should be updated and then run a system scan for all the installed applications and programs. This will found out the corrupted application and after your permission, it will update it or delete it, this will help you to fix this error code 0x80070643 and make the windows update.

Disabling antivirus

Though if the above solution doesn’t come out beneficial for you, then uninstall the antivirus or disable it and then try updating windows. It is being referred to visit your installed antivirus website to know how to disable it, follow the given instructions and disable it. Check if this error code 0x80070643 is fixed or pop-up again to get solved.

Run Troubleshooter.

Move to windows settings > update and security.

How to Fix Error Code 0x80070643 in Windows 10

Run the troubleshooter and follow each step wisely to fix the error code 0x80070643, these are the provided solution which may help you to fix the error code 0x80070643 easily and let you access the windows update and make the needed changes.

Check windows defender

You can manually check the version of installed windows defender in your system by navigating yourself to windows settings > update and security > windows defender. Here you can check whether the installed version is updated or not, if not then update the defender and then check that error 0x80070643 is fixed or not.

These are the possible solutions for the cause and can fix error code 0x80070643 and if not then you should try updating .NET framework also or by keeping backup and make a window reset. You can choose the option wisely and get this error code 0x80070643 fixed.

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