How to Fix Error Code 0x8007007e in Windows 10

Feature update to Windows 10, version 1709 is unable to install the available update. Error: 0x8007007e

Something went wrong, Microsoft can’t install important security updates on PC. Please contact Microsoft support for help with this error. Please provide the support representative with this error code 0x8007007e.

Fix Error Code 0x8007007e in Windows 10

These two are the ways which show up as the error code 0x8007007e and doesn’t let you complete your update or installation process, though this is a common windows error not caused by any single component or software. There may be different reasons causing this error code 0x8007007e and our development team has given some possible fixes as well to counter this error code manually without paying anyone. Firstly you should keep backup of all your important stuff and then initiate the manual process of fixing this error code 0x8007007e.

Fix Error Code 0x8007007e in Windows 10


  1. Clean scan:

It is being referred to perform a complete virus scan of the system, this will eventually catch all the infected programs and get them fixed or provide a solution for the particular issue. Scanning the system using installed antivirus and keep it regularly update as sometimes windows come up with these error code 0x8007007e because of an infected virus, restart the installation process and check if this error code 0x8007007e is fixed or not.

  1. Disable Antivirus:

Disable the installed antivirus and all the third party installed products/software used by you should be disabled, visit the specific website of the third party provider and search how to disable this software/application instead of uninstalling it. This can be the reason that window is unable to access some files used by third-party products/software, simply disable the installed products/software/applications and then restart the installation process again and check if this error code 0x8007007e is fixed or not.

  1. Troubleshooter:

If above fixes don’t help you, then just need to navigate yourself to the troubleshooter by searching troubleshooter in the search panel or just move to windows settings > windows update and security > troubleshoot > windows update. Click on the given icon and follow the steps to troubleshoot the windows update, all the issues will find out using this process and get a fix for all. After troubleshooting an repairing the windows try checking the installation process again and check if this error code 0x8007007e is fixed or not.

  1. Drivers update:

Navigate yourself to the device manager tab, search device/drivers manager in the search bar and the first option that appear will be of device manager. Click on it, all the device driver will be listed and you need to verify the installed drivers and make the needed update. If there is any attention required then that particular driver highlights an error sign and also provides you a guide to resolve the error, this will eventually help you to update the needed drivers and may fix the error code 0x8007007e. check your installation process again and see if error code 0x8007007e is solved or not.

  1. Reset and restore:

If no options worked for you, it can be any from above or from any outsource solution doesn’t work then you are only left with this solution to reset and restore the pc back to its default settings. Navigate yourself to the windows settings > update and security > recovery > reset this PC. Follow the given instruction and be attentive at each step, you will be asked to keep your data and other things as well. Do the necessary task and then update the windows after reset and restore and do the remaining installation and check if this error code 0x8007007e is fixed. These all are the possible outcome that has been shared by our development team and you can easily fix this error code 0x8007007e manually using any of the above fixes and have safe windows.



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