How To Fix “USB Ports Not Working” Issue

In case you have switched to Windows 10 and suddenly discovered that your USB is not working properly, then this article will help you resolve the issues.


Check if USB device is defective

If you think to find out that your USB stopped working after you upgraded to Windows 10 and earlier it was working well, then your USB device is not faulty. Again it can be a different situation wherein you switched to Windows 10 and USB stopped working right after OS is upgraded. So it is better to check your USB device before you get into complication troubleshooting process.

In order to check whether your USB device is defective or not, just unplug it and try plugging it into a different computer. If USB device works fine on another device means the device is not faulty. On the other hand, if it doesn’t work then there is the problem is different and you need to replace your USB device.

Fix USB ports not working issue

Check Power Management Settings

Windows is smart and thus it switches off the USB controllers automatically to save power when the USB device is not in use. Windows switch the USB controllers again when needed. Sometimes this default process doesn’t work properly and Windows is not able to switch ON the USB controllers back again. In order to resolve this issue

Open- Device Manager

Expand  – Universal Serial Bus controllers

Double-click– USB Root Hub Device (first one) from the list

Click the tab- Power Management

Uncheck the checkbox- Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

Click- Ok

Check Device Drivers

Sometimes driver problem also leads to problems in the functioning of USB ports. You can use Driver Easy to fix it automatically. Drive easy recognize the system and identify the appropriate drivers for your system. It is not necessary for you to know which system your computer is based on. This will eliminate the risk of downloading as well as installing the incorrect driver and you can be stress-free about making a mistake while installing.

You can also choose to update the drivers automatically with the help of PRO or free version of Driver Easy.

Check Power Supply

Your laptop/computer supplies power to all your USB ports. There are chances when your system fails to supply power properly to the USB ports and thus the ports may fail to work. You can fix this problem simply by

Unplug charger plug and power supply from the computer/laptop

Restart your system

Connect the USB device to your system

Now again plug in the power supply

All the above-mentioned methods can help you solve USB ports not working issue easily.

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