How do I Sync my Settings in Windows 10

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Windows sync settings were introduced in earlier version of Windows i.e. Windows 8. The users can find improved sync settings in Windows 10. Still, many users aren’t aware of this development. This article will help them know how to sync the settings in Windows 10.

Sync my Settings in Windows 10

Knowing about Sync settings in Windows 10

Head to – Sync your settings as given below

You will see- Sync Settings

Under the sync settings option you will find one option that says- Sync your settings on This PC

Upon moving the slider towards right the option will turn – ON

Upon moving the slider towards left the option will turn – OFF

If you are Windows 10 user who is using Windows 10 on multiple devices then it is the right time to discover about sync settings.

You can easily locate- Sync Settings in OneDrive group. Of course you may not have noticed it before and you will discover many other items that you may have had used quite a few times.

In Windows 10, you can find the Sync Settings under the group- Accounts. It has 7 different options which are quite easy to manage for users who aren’t much aware about the Windows 10 features.

You can easily disable the sync settings using the first option. It indicates that you own a Microsoft account on a particular PC. You fill find no alterations in settings when you use other devices and sign in using same account.

You will explore just single sync settings that will allow you to access settings from one device to another by simply accessing your Microsoft account. You can also change the background and colors to change the theme.


How to sync settings in Windows 10

Head to- Settings or you can find settings via search option too.

Click on- Accounts—Your Account- sync settings – work—family

Now click – Sync Settings located at the left side.

Click- Individual Sync Settings and then turn ON/OFF according to your preference.

Toggle to turn the settings ON/OFF and then close it.

That’s it and you will be able to sync the settings in Windows 10. You can easily access the data from a different place using sync settings using your Microsoft account. So it becomes easy to access your data using simple sync feature on multiple devices.

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