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Just like any other web browsers, Microsoft edge also enables the facility to save passwords for the visited sites and it can help you log on to the sites automatically. Here is how you can do it

Extract logins via Advance settings in Microsoft Edge

You can find the saved logins it the edge browser only and you can simply open in new tab.

Remember Passwords in Microsoft edge

Click- menu button present in Edge and choose- Settings

Click the button – View advanced Settings

Click- managed my saved passwords

Click on any of the logins you want to edit the password and username for

Right-click a login to simply open it in a separate tab using your user id and password already filled in.

Edit/Delete Logins via Credentials Manager in Windows

If you need additional information about your saved logins then you will have to move to control panel

Press – Win + X, choose – control panel

Click- User accounts

Click- Manage Web credentials

Here you will find a list that contains logins for apps, websites, and networks which is saved by Internet Explorer and Microsoft edge.

Click on down arrow  to get complete details of the any of the stored logins

Click – Show link /remove a link to unmask the password or erase the login information stored. You will be asked to feed in the password for your account to view the web password.


The Edge certainly offers the best way to manage your saved passwords, still, if you are using a shared PC and worry about the security aspect then it is recommended to use any third party software to save the passwords. The methods above can help you your saved password on Microsoft edge easily.

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