How to Fix Wireless Mouse Not Working

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It is really annoying when your wireless mouse stops suddenly in the middle while you are working on your PC. You may notice that other applications are working fine, even the keyboard shortcuts are functioning properly but only the mouse cursor stops moving on your screen.

Fix Wireless Mouse Not Working

The reasons can be different like the battery of your mouse is discharged. You can try some of the easy methods mentioned below to fix the problem if you are sure that the problem doesn’t exist because of problems with old drivers or USB ports.

 Fix Wireless Mouse Not Working

Take out the battery of your mouse and just wait for a while before you insert battery again.

In case the cursor is still not working then go to Windows Run box and type – devmgmt.msc to be able to open – Device Manager. To get to the Run box you can press- Win +R from your keyboard.

Expand the section –  Mice and other pointing devices now select your mouse from the list and then select- Uninstall. After that select- Action- Scan for Hardware Changes.

Replace mouse batteries

The problem of your wireless mouse, not working can also occur due to low battery power. It is highly recommended that you use the right batteries made for electronic devices. You can try and replace the batteries and this may fix the issue.

Check your mouse on a different PC if possible

If the issue is still not resolved then you can check if your mouse is working on a different PC. In case the problem still persists on a different computer then your device is faulty.

Uninstall other mouse software that may be an obstacle

If there is different mouse software running on your systems like a touchpad or Logitech software that software may clash with the original mouse software. You need to install this software that might be conflicting and to do so follow the simple steps given below

Open – Control Panel and Select – Program and Features.

In the box – Start Search, type – appwiz.cpl.

Hit- Enter

If you get a message asking for administrator password/confirmation then enter the password and click on Continue.

Try to identify the other mouse software that you see in the list and simply follow the screen instructions to eliminate the software.

Now restart your PC.

Reinstall your Windows 10

This is the most effective option that has worked almost at all times. Sometimes wireless mouse works properly with a different Windows version. You can try to reinstall a different version of Windows to check if the wireless mouse works fine for you.

The methods mentioned above will surely give you perfect solution to resolve the issue easily.

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