How to Fix Keyboard Not Working in Windows 10

If you are among the one who has switched to Windows 10 and discovered that the keyboard is not working then do not panic as this is a common problem that many Windows users face. You can simply try out the methods mentioned in this article to resolve the issue.

Adjust keyboard settings

Filter keys is a setting that comes with Windows and it helps you to manage the keystrokes hit accidentally. On the other hand, if this setting is turned ON it can also lead to problems in keyboard functions. It may stop the keyboard from working completely in Windows 10.

So, check if the Filter key setting is ON and try turning it OFF to check if the issue is fixed. Follow the simple steps given below

Fix Keyboard Not Working in Windows 10

Go to the desktop of your PC and click the icon- Action Center which is located at the lower right and then clicks All Settings.

Click- Ease of Access

Click- Keyboard

Make sure the Filter keys are OFF and then close window

Check the USB port

When you upgrade your OS to new Windows version sometimes the USB port stops working all of a sudden. It can be due to an issue with the driver. So, make sure you check for the issue prior to any other adopting method.

You can check the USB port on your own by just unplugging the keyboard from your USB port and plugging it to other USB devices. For example external hard drive or mouse. In case the other device doesn’t work then there is surely having an issue.

Re-installation of keyboard driver

In the case where the driver has some fault, the keyboard can stop working and to fix the issue you need to

Right-click – Start button and click- Device Manager

Expand the option- Keyboards and click- Standard PS/2 Keyboard and then click- Install

When you are asked for confirmation simply click- OK

Restart your PC after a un-install process is over.

Update keyboard as well as USB driver

Outdated keyboard/USB driver can be one of the common reasons for keyboard not working properly. You can easily get the appropriate drivers for USB port and keyboard. One is manually and other is automatically.

Driver Update –  Automatic

Drive Easy automatically identifies your computer and picks the right drivers for USB port as well as a keyboard. You don’t have to do anything and there will be no chances of going wrong with the installation or download process.

Driver Update- Manual

You can also try to update the drivers manually by visiting the website of the manufacturer and look for the latest driver.

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