How to Fix “System Error 5 Has Occurred” on Windows 10

Windows is the best operating system and is liked by many users. Still, every operating system comes with some of the other errors and one of those errors that many Windows experience is – System Error 5 Has Occurred. Access is denied. This error is seen in the command prompt window when you run certain commands.

Fix “System Error 5 Has Occurred” on Windows 10

There is nothing to worry as the error can be fixed easily. You can follow the steps given in this article and the error can be solved.

Many Windows users click on Start menu to open command prompt window and run certain commands that require administrator privileges and thus they see the System Error 5 Has Occurred error popping up. In such cases, the users should run the command prompt as administrator when they try to run such commands.

Fix "System Error 5 Has Occurred" on Windows 10

The steps mentioned below will help Windows 10 users to eliminate System Error 5 Has Occurred

Press- Windows key + X simultaneously and it will open the menu – quick-access. Now locate and click – Command Prompt(Admin)

The User Account Control will prompt you. Here you have to click- Yes

It’s done.

Move the installer

In case the error pops on using a particular installer then just copy the installer and move it to your C drive or any other drive where your Windows is installed and then run it. It should help in resolving the issue.

Fix the security permissions that exist in Temp folder

Press – Windows key just once and then click- File Explorer

In the address bar type –  HYPERLINK “” INCLUDEPICTURE “” \* MERGEFORMATINET  (you can see the address bar on the top in the middle of File Explorer and then hit- Enter

Look for – Temporary folder and just right-click it. Now select the option – Properties.

Click on the tab- Security and then click- Advanced

Now check if this box is ticked – Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object. In case the box is no ticked please tick it and then continue to the next step.

Now select an entry which is not derived from the folder – C:\Users\[Username]\ and then click- Remove

Now click- Apply and click- OK

The above-mentioned methods are easy to follow and you can get rid of System Error 5 easily. Make sure you follow the steps given above carefully to ensure that you eliminate the error.

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