How to Fix Error Code 43

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The Error Code 43 is a general error which can be annoying while you are using Windows. This error basically occurs when Windows is unable to identify a particular device for example a hard drive, USB port, video card or any other hardware that is attached to your PC.

Fix Error Code 43

Now, the question is whether you can fix Error Code 43, certainly yes, here is how you can do it

Update drivers manually

If you are tech savvy and you are confident of doing some changes to the system then you can go ahead and follow the simple steps below

Fix Error Code 43

Click- Start—Run and then in the text box type- sysdm.cpl and hit – enter.

Open the tab – Hardware found on – System Properties dialog box and now click- Device Manager.

Double click on – Device type and now click the hardware device which is giving Error Code 43.

Now head to the tab – Driver and then click- Uninstall which will uninstall the error giving device fully.

Update drivers automatically

If you are not a tech savvy person and want to avoid mistakes while identifying correct drivers and then uninstalling then you can use a driver tool that can do the job for you automatically.

The software itself will locate the right drivers and will also save time.

Identify the right driver

Once you uninstall the driver you can search the newest driver on the manufacturer’s website for the device. You will be able to get the latest driver under a driver section or latest driver section on the manufacturer’s website.

Download driver

Download driver and then save it to your system. It will be in form of.ZIP file or an.EXE file.

Install a new driver on the computer

Double click the.Exe file or extract a the.ZIP file to install the new driver.

Reboot your computer

After you uninstall your old driver and then install a new driver it will solve the Error Code 43 and correct the co-ordination between your hardware device and Windows. In case the problem doesn’t get resolved you can install the problematic driver on a different computer and check if it works there properly.

In case if the problem still persists it means the device is damaged and needs a replacement.

The steps mentioned above will certainly help you get rid of the Error Code 43 easily.

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