How to Fix “Active Directory Domain Services Unavailable” Issue

The common errors that we encounter with Windows 10  “active directory domain services unavailable” which often occurs when you try to connect your new printer with your computer. This article will help you fix the issue easily.

Fix "Active Directory Domain Services Unavailable" Issue

Troubleshooting tool to resolve the issue

The very first method that you can adopt is the Windows Troubleshooting tool to resolve this issue. To troubleshoot the printer you can follow the following steps

Select- Windows + key and then type – troubleshooting

Select the printer you are using and make use of Troubleshooter tool to identify the problem and resolve the printer related problems.

This will fix the error- “active directory domain services unavailable”

Examine Network Installation

In case the above method doesn’t work for you examine Network installation as mentioned below

Open- Control Panel and select- printers and head to Add new Printer

Click- Network Printer and search for Printer

Restart Printer Spooler

There is another way to fix the error “active directory domain services unavailable’ by restarting the printer spooler. To restart the printer, follow the steps given below

Press- Windows +R from your keyboard

You will get a pop menu wherein type – services.msc

A list appears from where you need to select- Print Spooler

Right-click it and select- Properties

If you observe the Services Status to be Running simply stop it and restart.

Reinstall Drivers

Many users who have tried reinstalling drivers have been successful in fixing the issue. You can try out the steps given below to fix the issue.

Reboot the router and try adding printer one more time

If you are not successful in resolving the error “active directory domain services unavailable” then this trick may work for you. Try out the steps given below

Reboot the router and just turn OFF the firewall for a while

Restart the PC

After you have done that open – Control Panel and select- Printers

Select – Add a New printer, select – Browse for Printer and add a device.

Now you will be able to fix the error. The above-mentioned tricks and methods can certainly help you resolve the issue and get to normal functioning. Follow the steps given carefully so that you are able to fix the error the right way. You can try the methods given above on your own.

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