[FIX] Code 43 | Windows Stopping Device Because of Reported Problems

Code 43 Windows has stopped this device because it has reported a problem is an error that occurs in the device manager.

How to fix error code 43 Windows Stopping Device Because of Reported Problems

It occurs in case a device driver or device hardware fails to function. Ideally, if you try to re-install the driver it solves the issue. Let us learn the other methods that you can try to resolve the issue

Restart your PC

You can try and restart your computer as it solves a lot of problems. In this case, the driver may load with the next start and you may find that the device is functioning properly.

You can try this method only once and if the issue doesn’t get fixed that means there is something that you need to look into.

Fix error code 43 Windows Stopping Device Because of Reported Problems

Unplug the device and plug it back

If you are using an external device like webcam, Bluetooth Dongle or a printer then you can try to unplug the device from your computer and then plug it again.

You can also try to plug the device in a different USB port as sometimes it resolves the issue.

Detach the USB device

In case there are some other devices (USB) attached to your PC, just detach them and try restarting your PC. Check if this solves the problem.

Uninstall the drivers

In order to uninstall the drivers here what you need to do

Tap- Windows key and then type – devmgmt.msc and press – Enter.

Now double click the device from which you want to eliminate the drivers and then choose the tab- Drivers

Search for the button – uninstall device/uninstall the driver.

You will get a message from Windows to confirm whether you want to remove a particular device from your system.

Click- OK or the option- uninstall

The device will not be seen on the list.

Now Scan your PC and let the scan complete successfully.

Some of the common fixes are needed when say the device is a defected one. Such cases no other fixes will work and you need to replace the old device with a new one.

Sometimes the device cable is faulty. You can replace the damaged cable and try if that solves the issue.

Also, update the driver so that you get to use the new version available for the device. You just need to right click on your device found on Device Manager and select – Update Driver Software

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