How To Fix Laptop’s “Plugged In, Not Charging” Issue

Sometimes you come across problems with your laptop like a laptop is plugged in but it isn’t charging.  It is a common problem and there are some effective solutions to combat this issue. When you come across this error you may see the charging icon showing that the charger is plugged in and the strange thing is your battery is not getting charged. You may find the battery status to be 0% even after it is being plugged continuously for charging. It can be a panicky situation for anyone as laptop tends to shut down any time while you are using it.

Let us learn the ways to resolve the problem effectively.

how to fix laptop plugged in, following step carefully

Unplug the battery

This is the most important thing you should try before trying any other solution. Firstly, try and remove the battery from your laptop and then also unplug all the USB devices connected to your laptop. Once done press & hold the power button for about 10 seconds and then plug in the battery to try and charge the battery once again.

Update Battery Driver

Follow the steps as mentioned below

Press – Windows key + R using your keyboard and then type – devmgmt.msc and press enter which will open – Device Manager

Expand the batteries area and right click- “Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery” and then select – Update Driver Software.

Choose- Browse my computer for driver software

Click- Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer

From the list, you get select the current driver and hit Next

When asked for confirmation simply click – Yes to begin the process for – update the drivers

After this close all the programs running on your PC and reboot the system so that the changes are saved. This step would help you fix the error – Laptop battery not charging even while it is plugged in.

Run- Windows Repair Install

This method is quite effective as this method certainly works if other methods fail. It helps repair all the problems that you face with your PC. Repair install utilizes in-built upgrade to repair and resolve the system issues keeping your data intact on the system.

Check for shorts, breaks or burnout

Check the power cord for any kinks, breaks or burnout. Check for broken connections at the ends of the cord. This will help you identify for damages to the cord like spots that may appear when chewed by the pet or got damaged through a vacuum cleaner. Check if any of the parts are expanded or warped.

You can also check for the connector which should be stiff and not loose. Check for burning smells or discolorations.

Checking the above things and performing certain installs can help you resolve the issue.

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