How to Delete Browsing History in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer

The browsing history not only contains the websites you have browsed through but also contains the passwords, information entered in various forms. When it comes to Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer the ways in which you can delete browsing history differs and this article will illustrate how to delete browsing history in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Edge

In order to view the browsing history in Microsoft Edge here is what you need to do.

To access the browsing history select- Hub  and then History

Select- Clear all history

Now select the data you want to delete from your computer and then choose – Clear

In case you are using Cortana and would like to clear the browsing history which is saved on the cloud then select- Change what Microsoft Edge knows about me in the cloud and now select- Clear browsing history?

Here is the list of what all will get deleted when you choose to clear the browsing history on your PC.

Cookies & saved data on different websites

Browsing history

Download history


Form data

Full-screen permissions

Location permissions

Media licenses

Compatibility permissions

Cached data & files

Pop-up exceptions

Internet Explorer

Here on internet explorer, the browsing history refers to the information that it stores on your PC as you browse through the web. It also stores the information that you have entered in various forms on different websites, passwords and the URL of the sites you visited.

Here is how you can view the browsing history on Internet Explorer and then delete it.

Select the button – Favourites in Internet Explorer

Select the tab- History and then select then use the filter that helps you view the history the way you want to from the menu. In order to delete a site, simply right click on the site from the list and then choose- Delete or you can click on the site to visit the site again.

You can delete your history on a regular basis to safeguard your privacy, especially when using a public PC or shared PC. It is a best practice to delete the history often. If you are worried about losing a site that you would want to re-visit you can bookmark the site before deleting the history.

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