How to Fix Battery Icon Missing From Taskbar Issue

If you have switched to the Windows operating system with UPS then you must be aware of the tiny battery icon that is seen in taskbar’s system tray.

The battery icon makes it easy for the users to use the power options, Adjust screen brightness and Windows Mobility Center. The users can shuffle between the different power plans with just a single click on the battery icon.

Fix Battery Icon Missing From Taskbar Issue

Sometimes you may find that this useful icon is missing from the system tray on the taskbar. In case you find the battery icon missing you can try the following methods to bring back the battery icon that is missing from the taskbar.

Fix Battery Icon Missing From Taskbar Issue

Scan the system for changes in hardware

In case you have got a new battery for your laptop your OS may not have recognized the new hardware yet. So make sure you scan the system to check for hardware changes to help your system trace new battery.

Follow the steps given below

Head to search and in search bar type – control panel and this will open control panel

Head to – Hardware and Sound and then add a device

Wait for some time and let wizard identify the battery

Now restart your system

Battery Icon should be enabled

Windows 10 allows you to select the icons that can be seen on the taskbar and you can also disable them completely. You can access this features via Settings window that can be found through the Start menu and then chooses- System. Select – Notifications and actions from the menu located towards the left.

Now you need to check if the Power Icon present there is enabled. To check that click- Turn system icons on or off and ensure Power is in an enabled state.

Now also ensure that battery icon is adjusted to be displayed in your taskbar. In order to accomplish the task head to the previous window and

Click- Select which icons appear on the taskbar

Search for Power icon and then enable it

SFC Scan

SFC scanner is yet another effective inbuilt tool used for troubleshooting which is specially designed to handle issues associated with the system. Let us learn how to use SFC scan

Head to search and in search box type- cmd which will open command prompt as administrator

Type the command – sfc/scannow and press enter

Wait for some time to let the process get over

Now restart your PC

Try restarting Windows Explorer

Yes, restarting windows explorer can be useful and it is quite easy to start Windows Explorer. You just need to

Head to – Task Manager

Find Windows explorer process

Click on – Windows Explorer process and then Restart

Restart your system

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