How to Create System Backup and do System Restore in Windows 10

While installing a program/application on your computer you end up turning things wrong. The reason may vary but what matters for you is about the system backup. There are chances that you already have created a system back up in the past, but another option available in Windows 10 known as system restore can let you sink into system changes letting your file remain intact.

The option in Windows – System Restore is basically disabled as a default setting, but it is possible to enable it or customize it properly as per your needs. The article will explain how to create system back up as well as system restores in Windows 10.

System Restore in Windows 10 – How to create it?

As stated above the System Restore is deactivated in Windows 10. What you need to do is to know how to enable the option to utilize it to the optimum level. You can do it easily in the following way

Open- Start

Look for- Create a restore point and then press – System Properties.

You will see – Protection Settings underneath it, you have to choose the system drive (main) and after that choose – Configure button.

Choose the option – Turn on system protection

Click on – Apply

Click- OK

Steps to create System Restore

Open- Start

Hunt for – Create a restore point and after that press – System Properties.

You will see – Protection Settings underneath you have to pick the system drive (main) and after that choose – Create button.

Type in a small description to figure out the restore point.

Click- Create

Creating System Backup in your Windows 10 is easy

Open – Control Panel

Head to – File History

Towards left pane right beneath you can see a link for – System Image Backup underneath the option- ‘See also’. Now click this link

Now you will see System Image Backup

Select a destination where you wish to save the image back up for your system and after that click- Next. Now just confirm the settings and then click – Start backup.

If you would like to make use of system image in order to restore your PC just head to the settings menu in Windows 10 and

Move to – Update & Recovery

Search for – Advanced set up seen underneath – Recovery

Click – Restart now

It will restart the system and after the restart process begins, go to – Troubleshoot Advanced options and then choose – System Image Recovery.

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