Sound Not Working? Fix Audio Issues in Windows 10

Microsoft is undoubtedly a friendly OS but comes with a couple of errors and issues. Some hardware issues with external devices often occur like with video or audio performance. This article will help you fix the audio issues in Windows 10.

Fix Audio Issues in Windows 10

The basic fix for any audio issues in Windows 10 can start with checking the connections of speakers or headphones to check if there is any cable that is not connected properly or looses.

Now the next thing that you can do as a basic fix is to check the volume levels using the audio icon. Also check the external speakers and the volume levels there.

Sound Not Working? Fix Audio Issues in Windows 10

Fix audio issues with Device Manager

There could be a different reason why you are facing audio issues with your Windows 10 and that could be linked to driver problems. Check if your sound card is functioning properly and has all drivers updated.

To fix the issue using Device Manager all you have to do is

Go to Start

Type – Device Manager

You will see all the devices listed wherein you need to open- Device manager.

Look for the sound card you are using and open it

Click – Driver tab

Select the option- Update driver

This will help the Windows to check the internet and update the latest sound drivers on your system.

Fix audio issues using Windows Audio Troubleshooter tool

Try the option Windows Audio Troubleshooter. You can do this by

Right click- Sound icon which you can find on your taskbar.

Open the option- Troubleshooter sound problems option.

Fix Audio issues by setting playback device to default

You may encounter audio problems when you are using HDMI or USB because you need to set these external devices to default

Here is how you can do it

Open – Start

Enter- Sound

Open the right result and click – Playback tab

Now look for the appropriate device and then Set Default

Fix Audio problems by selecting appropriate audio playback

To select the right default playback in your Windows 10 OS follow the simple steps

Open – Start

Enter- Sound

Open the right result and click – Playback tab

Right click on the default device and choose – properties

Underneath default format, you will find Advance tab where you need to modify the setting and press Test button

These simple tips and tricks can help you resolve your audio issues in Windows 10. Just follow the instructions carefully and carry out the steps as given in the above methods. You will surely be able to fix the audio issues on your own.

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