How to Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error

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If you have ever got the error 502 Bad Gateway Error then you may be wondering why this error has occurred. Well, the error doesn’t occur due to your internet connection or browser but it is an error that occurs due to issues at another side. It means the problem exists with the website.

Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error

It actually means that a specific server on the other side is acting as a proxy or gateway which has taken an invalid answer from the original server.

Let us learn how to fix the 502 Bad Gateway Error

Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error

Try opening the site in another browser

There are possibilities when your current browser may have some problems. In such cases, you can use a different browser to open the same site. If the error is resolved in a different browser means you need to re-install your existing browser so that you do not get the error again.

Refresh the web page

If you are getting the 502 Bad Gateway Error while visiting a website then just be patient and visit the site after a few minutes to check it again. You can simply refresh/reload the page to check if the error is fixed.

Clear the Browser’s Cache

In order to clear the Browser’s cache, you can follow the simple steps given below

Open- Google Chrome and then press – Cntrl + H which will open history.

Now, click- Clear browsing data from the options that you get towards the left panel.

Now you need to select – Beginning of time which is mentioned under the option – Obliterate the following items from

Check the boxes against all the options that say – browsing history, download history, cookies and other sites etc. Do not check the boxes that say – hosted app data and media licenses

Now click on – clear browsing data and then wait to get it done

Close the browser and then restart your system.

Disable the extensions that are not required

If other methods do not work for you then try this method. You can disable all the unnecessary extensions and check if the error is fixed permanently.

Disable Proxy

You can also try to disable your proxy and check if the error has been fixed.

All the methods given above can work according to the problem that persists on the other end of the server.

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