How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error

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If you ever get 500 Internal Server Error, do not panic as it is quite a common HTTP status code which means there are some problems with the server of the website.

As 500 Internal Server Error is directly produced by a website that you visit, you can get it while using any operating system or browser. The error can also be seen on smartphones.

Fix 500 Internal Server Error

This article will help you learn the ways in which you can resolve the 500 Internal Server Error easily.

As we said that 500 Internal Server Error is related to the server error which means it has nothing to do with your PC or internet connection. Still, there are chances when something can go wrong at your side too wherein you can try the following methods to see if it resolves the issue.

Fix 500 Internal Server Error

Refresh the web page

You can simply click the reload/refresh button and try if it works. If the problem is temporary it can work with this simple method.

Clean the browser’s cache. In case the problem arises due to the cached version, cleaning the cache from your browser can help.

Delete the browser’s cookies. Some of the 500 Internal Server Error can be fixed upon deleting the cookies that are linked to the website you are getting an error for.

You can troubleshoot as – 500 Gateway Timeout as well

You can also contact the website and can speak to the site administrator. He may be aware of it already and in case they don’t you can bring the error to their notice.

You can wait for some time and try working on the site later as there may be a problem that is fixed after some time by some other person.

In case you are getting the 500 Internal Server Error on your WordPress website then it may occur due to a clash between the existing plugins and new plugin installed. The new plugin that you may have installed may conflict with the site script of the old plugins.

If you have a plenty of plugins installed, what you can do is simply disable all of them and check if the problem is resolved. In case you are able to work on your website after you disable the plugins means the error is due to plugins only.

All the above methods can certainly solve the 500 Internal Server Error. 

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