How to Fix 404 Not Found Error

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When you get 404 Not Found Error while visiting a web page, this is because the web page itself doesn’t exist. The problem actually occurs on the website and you cannot help.

Fix 404 Not Found Error

At times the problem is such that you can solve it. It is when the address you typed is incorrect or problems arise due to browser cache etc. The article will help you understand how to fix this issue

Fix 404 Not Found Error

Check the URL twice

Sometimes you tend to type the URL into the address box on your own and tend to make mistakes while typing. In case you have mistyped the URL and clicked to view the web page you may get 404 Not Found Error. Check for the typing errors in URL to visit the actual webpage.

Reload the web page

It doesn’t happen frequently, but some web servers fail to display a web page that is actually working and exist. You can try refreshing the web page.

Try searching the website using keywords

In case URL is lengthy or may be that you cannot recollect it and just know it by a page or article, simply try using the keywords and type the keywords in the address to find out the site. The relevant keywords used can help you reach the correct page.

Change the DNS Server

If a website generates the same error (404 not found error) on a number of websites while it is easily accessible on various other networks then there are possibilities of your ISP blocking the access to a specific website or the DNS servers of the websites aren’t functioning properly. In such cases change your DNS server and then try again and visit the website.

Check for Temporary problems with the website

Sometimes a website has temporary issues which lead to 404 not found error. In such cases, you have to wait and there is nothing that can be done. In order to check you can use a testing tool available online to ensure the website is down.

Also, you can try clearing the browser cache which is yet another reason for the 404 not found an error to occur. You can clear the browser cache and then check if the issue has been resolved.

The above-mentioned methods will work if there is no permanent or temporary error at the server on the other end. You can also get in touch with the website owner too.

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